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Getting involved with UKAT

UKAT has been constructed to meet the needs of both archivists and users of archives. This page outlines how you can help UKAT's development.

Contribute terms

UKAT has been built from terms contributed by archives, archive projects and users of archives. Athough the main editing phase of the project has ended (see About UKAT), a limited amount of editing is still taking place of terms submitted via the project's website. Please note that as editing is now being done on a voluntary basis, substantial submissions may take some time to be dealt with.

Tell us what you think

Use our feedback to tell us what you think about the Thesaurus and the project.

Join our Users Group or Advisory Panel

UKAT has a Users Group whose aim is to advise on the development of the Thesaurus from the standpoint of users of archives. We also have an Advisory Panel consisting of archivists, representatives of archive organisations and subject indexing specialists, which gives advice from the standpoint of archive custodians.