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Conditions of registration and contribution


This page sets out the conditions which you agree to follow if you register as a contributor to UKAT. It also explains the conditions which apply to any terms which you contribute to the Thesaurus. In both cases, the conditions apply to you individually and to any organisation on whose behalf you may be acting.

Conditions of registration

By registering as a contributor to UKAT, you agree to abide by the following conditions, which are designed to protect the security and integrity of the UK Archival Thesaurus and its website. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of privileges associated with your registration and/or other sanctions.

1. Usernames and passwords issued to you or chosen by you are personal to you as an individual. You must not share them with others, nor pass them on to others. You can alter your password by selecting 'Your Account' after you've logged in. You can also rest your password if you've forgotten your password.

2. You will not act in a manner which endangers the security or integrity of the UK Archival Thesaurus or its website, and will abide by any security requirements and special conditions which may be applied to your registration from time to time.

3. Any use by you of UKAT data or information on the UKAT website will be in accordance with UKAT's conditions of use.

Conditions of contribution

By contributing terms to UKAT, you agree to be bound by the following conditions. These conditions apply to any terms and relationships which you contribute to UKAT, by any means, and regardless of whether you have formally registered as a contributor to UKAT.

1. UKAT project staff may edit any terms and relationships between terms which you submit for inclusion in the UK Archival Thesaurus, without your prior permission, and may reject those which are considered to be unsuitable for the Thesaurus.

2. Neither you nor any organisation which you represent will assert any copyright or other intellectual property rights in the UK Archival Thesaurus or its website.

3. Any data which you submit to UKAT may be made available for wider use in accordance with UKAT's conditions of use.