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Please use this form to register as a new contributor to UKAT. By registering as a contributor, you agree to be bound by UKAT's Conditions of registration. More information about this form appears below.

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All of the above fields are mandatory except for Organisation, which is optional.

Username: please choose a username, which will act as an identifier for the terms which you contribute within the UKAT database. Usernames can include upper or lower case characters, digits, dashes ('-') or underscores ('_'), but should not include spaces. E.g. 'jsmith' but not 'j smith'. The username is internal to the database. How your contributions will be identified in the published version of the Thesaurus is determined by your name publishing preferences (see below).

Email: please enter an email address where we can contact you.

Name: please enter your name.

Organisation: if you are submitting terms on behalf of an organisation, please enter that organisation's name. Note that if you leave this field blank, you should choose 'Anonymous' or 'Your Name' under Name publishing preferences.

Contact telephone: please give a telephone number where we can contact you if necessary (we will normally contact contributors by email).

Name publishing preferences: please indicate how you wish your contributions to be identified on the UKAT website. 'Your Name' means that your contributions will be identified by what you enter in the 'Name' field; 'Your Organisation' means that your contributions will be identified by what you enter in the 'Organisation' field; 'Anonymous' means that your contributions will remain anonymous.

Your registration details will be held in confidence, and will not be distributed outside the UKAT project team.

Once you've successfully registered, your password will be emailed to you. You'll then be able to Log in to submit terms and relationships, and edit your account details (such as changing your password or changing your name publishing preferences). If you've forgotten your password, you can Re-set your password before you log in.